IndiGo Lab37 Presents

Hack-To-Hire 2024

Hackathon III


IndiGo Lab37 welcomes you to Join our exhilarating hackathon and dive into the forefront of innovation with advanced generative AI tools and state-of-the-art Cloud products! Whether you're an Independent Developer or an Emerging Data Scientist, unleash your creativity and create revolutionary projects. Choose between two thrilling challenges and demonstrate your skills in this exciting competition!.


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Expert Mentorship

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About Lab37

Welcome to Lab37 – the cutting-edge cradle of innovation that powers IndiGo's quest for digital transformation. As the dynamic core of IndiGo's Digital Department, we are dedicated to exploring and harnessing the most advanced technologies in artificial intelligence and machine learning. Our mission at Lab37 is to craft intuitive and intelligent solutions that enhance the travel experience for our customers, streamline operational efficiency, and cultivate an environment of continual improvement and technological leadership. Join us in our journey towards the digital horizon, where every innovation propels us forward in delivering unparalleled service and setting new standards in the aviation industry.

Who can Participate?

Aspiring Developers and the Data Scientist are welcome to join the event and participate. Test your skills, showcase the best and Have Fun.

Software Developers

Software Developers

Data Scientists

Data Scientists

Generative AI Experts

Generative AI Experts


Evaluation Criteria

All submissions will be judged using the following criteria on a scale of 1-5, with 1 being the lowest possible score and 5 being the highest.

Technical Execution

Does the solution effectively utilise the available technologies & resources


Is the solution differentiated from others already on the market

Impact/Business Potential

How helpful or useful would the solution be to impacted customers?

Join the challenge, and bring your ideas to life!

Don't miss out on this exciting opportunity to innovate and collaborate!

Software Developers